“Musician knows that his instrument is not just an object, but a partner with whom he dances to the melodies of infinity”. David Bowie To find the key, you need to find the door first. Does your instrument need repair? […]

Maintaining hygiene for your recorder

At times, you may wonder if your recorder requires cleaning or, if it is being shared, disinfecting. The cleaning and disinfecting methods vary depending on the construction material. For plastic recorders, cleaning the external and internal surfaces is easily accomplished […]

Tool Care

The recorder made of wood must be lubricated with special oil from time to time to protect the instrument from excessive moisture. If this is not done, the wood will deteriorate, the inner groove of the instrument will become rough, […]

Fingerings for Alto in F

* A fifth fingering is the advancement that occurs within the nearest overtone. It forms a sound higher than a perfect fifth. Fifth advancement in the second octave forms the following sounds:f2=c3     fis2=cis3     g2=d3     gis2=dis3     a2=e3 […]

Case for Acropolis soprano flute

A case for the Acropolis flute (soprano) is an irreplaceable accessory that will provide your instrument with reliable protection against moisture and mechanical scratches. Specifications: Type: bag for a pipe; Material: genuine leather; Fastener: metal button; Length: 37 cm; Color: […]