Unsecret Secrets of Your Recorder’s Longevity

AFTER REPAIR OR EXTENDED PERIODS OF NON-USE One question that frequently arises among recorder players is whether they should go through the playing-in process again after re-voicing or when the instrument has been unused for a long time. If the […]


“Musician knows that his instrument is not just an object, but a partner with whom he dances to the melodies of infinity”. David Bowie To find the key, you need to find the door first. Does your instrument need repair? […]

Maintaining hygiene for your recorder

At times, you may wonder if your recorder requires cleaning or, if it is being shared, disinfecting. The cleaning and disinfecting methods vary depending on the construction material. For plastic recorders, cleaning the external and internal surfaces is easily accomplished […]

Is the flute a simple instrument? Debunking myths!:)

Myth 1. Recorder is made from a log on the knee. In fact, the production of a family of flutes is a high-tech, multi-stage and complex process that requires the involvement of special equipment and professional skills of highly qualified […]