Recorder alto Student – SAM-F

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Recorder alto Student – SAM-F

Pitch: F
Material: maple
Article (to order): 126529

The sound spectrum of this model ranges from a dull timbre in the low and middle registers to a sonorous and saturated overtone in the upper octave. The position and size of the holes makes it easy to cover them even with a child’s hand. The model is suitable for the practice of solo performance, as well as for children’s and student ensembles.
The assembled body of the instrument gives the possibility to lower the pitch by ¼ tone. The technology of production of billets involves their boiling in a special mix of oil and paraffin to prevent cracking. The body is covered with a natural varnish that minimizes environmental influences.

Warm-up recommendation: plan to play a new instrument for 5 to 10-15 minutes a day for two weeks. The length of the playing period should be increased gradually to prevent deformation of the wood fibers of your instrument.

* The model is based on the Ukrainian chromatic longitudinal flute by Dmytro Deminchuk.


  • Size: alto in F
  • Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Model: Student
  • Material: maple
  • Body: 2-piece construction
  • Type: Ukrainian chromatic recorder
  • Category: beginner, student and advanced

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