Warranty and return

Acropolis’s commitment to quality means we stand behind our instruments to ensure you get the most musical pleasure and enjoyment. Rest assured that our primary goal is your satisfaction in our products. We are proud to offer one of the best wind instrument warranties in the industry – a statement of quality and dedication to musicians everywhere.

Acropolis are guaranteed free of defects in workmanship and materials. Acropolis’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the remedying of any defective part, or parts of such products when, from the point of delivery to the original purchaser through the stated period determined by warranty type.


The Acropolis warranty covers any flaw in the manufacture of the instrument for one full year from the date of purchase, providing that the flute has been played-in and maintained, as detailed in Acropolis’s wooden flute care instructions, and providing that the instrument has not been damaged.

  1. If the flute develops a problem related to its manufacture, we will repair or replace the part concerned, under our warranty, at no charge to the customer.
  2. If a customer would like to have repairs or alterations done by someone other than Acropolis, please contact us first, so as not to invalidate the warranty by using a technician not approved by Acropolis.
  3. Acropolis Flutes will repair damage caused by accident, mishandling or insufficient maintenance, but in these cases, the customer will be responsible for the cost of materials and labour.
  4. If after purchasing the flute, a customer would like to alter it, to accommodate particular requirements, Acropolis will perform these alterations, if feasible, and the customer will be charged for materials and labour. Warranty conditions apply here (see proviso #2) regarding “out-of-house” work on a Acropolis.


Players are looking for a flute that satisfies their expectations and requirements, and our flutes usually find their new owners to be very appreciative. But if a player discerns that the newly purchased flute may be unsuitable for their playing style, they have a full two weeks from the date of delivery, to evaluate the flute for suitability. If they decide to return it, we can offer several options.

Flute must be in as-new condition
These options are premised on the stipulation that the purchaser/player has followed our wooden flute care instructions to the letter, to be sure that the flute remains in “as-new” condition while in their hands.

You must contact us within 7 days of delivery
The player should contact Acropolis within seven days of the delivery of their new flute to discuss the problem they are experiencing and their dissatisfaction with the instrument.

You must ship the flute within 14 days of delivery
If they decide to return the flute, it must be shipped within 14 days of the date of delivery. Our policy provides for an exchange of the flute for a similar instrument, or a refund of 100% of the purchase price, provided that the flute comes back to us in “as-new” condition when it returns to the workshop. If the instrument is in less than “as-new” condition, the refund amount will be adjusted at our discretion.


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