About us

Who we are?

The Acropolis company has been on the Ukrainian music market since 1996. We have developed from a manufacturer of cases to one of the largest distributors of musical instruments in Ukraine.
Today, we are proud of the status of a manufacturer of national musical instruments and professional accessories. Our company has revived the production of recorders from harvested Ukrainian wood, which meets not only the requirements for the quality of material for the manufacture of musical instruments, but also eco-norms.

Led by the technologists of the former Melnytze-Podilskyi experimental production workshops, we devoted several years to the meticulous study of the secrets of their production tradition, but we also responded sensitively to the need to implement innovations achieved by other craftsmen under the influence of professional performers (in particular, in the creative tandem of B. Korchynska/E. Illarionova).

It is an honor for us to cooperate with people who shape the future of the Ukrainian flute – the best performers, craftsmen and methodologists.

Each Acropolis recorder that hits store shelves undergoes expert selection. This guarantees future owners the presence of the most important qualities – alignment, convenient position of the fingers on the holes, ergonomics of the blowing process, as well as the safety and durability of the instruments under the conditions of compliance with the rules of their use.

What do we strive for?

Our goal is to make instruments that meet the highest standards of master samples available to every pupil and student. In parallel with manual work, we actively involve the latest computerized production methods in order to create our own, national standard for the production of a family of longitudinal flutes, which meets world requirements in the field of woodworking and combines the image of the instrument created by the patriarch of professional flute performance, Myroslav Korchynskyi, with the vision of nowadays performers.

Our mission

To popularize the Ukrainian chromatic recorder – the only instrument of its kind – in the arena of the world music community.

Our values

Everyone will find an instrument for themselves for a wide variety of fields, styles of music or compositions. We believe that the Ukrainian national instrument deserves its place in the family of European flutes. Our team is constantly working to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the modern music space. Our flutes are a combination of tradition and innovation, brevity and symbolism, national Ukrainian spirit and European artistic standards.